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Modern Farmhouse: What's your style

Modern Farmhouse Furniture: What's Your Style?

Our, "What's Your Style" series looks at different styles and is specifically designed to help you find your perfect aesthetic. Let's begin by going over an interior design favorite, Modern Farmhouse.

What is Modern farmhouse style?

Modern Farmhouse is one of the most popular choices when it comes to interior design today. Largely popularized in recent years, this style calls for a welcoming, cozy atmosphere that doesn’t sacrifice contemporary elements and elegance. 


If Modern Farmhouse had to be described in three words, these would be it:

Welcoming, Practical, and Simple


Modern Farmhouse is a design style that ditches the lavish, intricate, and ornate in favor of the simple, practical, and charming. It places a heavy emphasis on natural materials, simple forms, and functionality,

Humble Beginnings

Modern Farmhouse design has its roots in, you guessed it, actual farmhouses. More specifically, the style originated in the 16th and 17th centuries. During this time, Europe was still largely made up of farming communities, where houses were built with materials that were readily available.

Interior décor at the time was also limited. Farmers spent the majority of their time outside, tending to their fields and livestock--leaving little time to care for complex indoor spaces. Still, these simplistic homes were cozy and provided farmers with an ample place to rest their heads after a long day's work.

As it evolved, Modern Farmhouse started to blend the classic and contemporary aspects of design mixing practical furniture with antique pieces and restored articles. 

Like any style, Modern Farmhouse intersects with various other types of design in some of its elements.

Country Style vs Farmhouse

Country style and Farmhouse style are similar and often get mistaken for each other.

Country style is not as focused on a minimal look. This design style is often also described as using less clean lines and opting for a more curved, casual feel.

Farmhouse incorporates a casual but contemporary feel. The style is best known for making abundant use of elements like natural wood, apron sinks made from porcelain, and vintage furniture and accessories

The Many Elements of Modern Farmhouse


Farmhouse Modern design bets heavily on neutral tones, paired with a liberal use of natural and reclaimed wood, as well as metal accents that polish off the feel. The materials don't have to be reserved to one medium; they can be integrated through things like furniture, light fixtures, and flooring.

As a starting point, we recommend matte finishes for consistency and subtlety. If you need a little bit of guidance on your next steps, follow this simple 60-30-10 rule. 

  • For 60% of your room, pick your primary color. In the great majority of Modern Farmhouse spaces, we see a clean white base taking this spot.
  • For the next 30%, pick your secondary colors. Muted, earthy tones that are still calming and subtle will add depth to your space without feeling like too much.  
  • Accent colors make up the last 10%. Here is where you can go in with your bold choices!


Mixing woods, metals, and fabrics such as cotton, canvas, and wool is a great way to add complexity and character to your space.

Modern Farmhouse design often works in favor of the blending of these different materials to form an eclectic yet understated décor style. Natural, organic components like stone, wicker, and rattan can further work to blur the lines between the inside and the outdoors. Once again, these elements encourage a relaxing, welcoming ambiance.

Mindful vintage accessories also add character and personality to the space.

Form and function

Form is another major element of design, and one that is important in trying to make sure this style is well integrated in your space. 

Prioritize a mix of organic and geometric articles of furniture. Keeping this in mind will help ensure that the articles in the room don't match too much, ultimately making the room more natural and organic.

Start by picking one or two large pieces that will serve to center the room. Steer away from anything that makes the space feel too crammed--less is more.

We recommend choosing and celebrating unique one-off pieces that will add personality and charm to even the simplest Modern Farmhouse room.