Steel City

The Steel City collection is an example of how well fit Mango wood and stainless steel match together.  The industrial look matched with the weathered top works in any setting.  This versatile collection will surly add flavor to any room.



The Onyx collection features an extension table with black rubbed birch wood legs mixed with a beautifully weathered oak wood top.  This diverse table can go from its largest setting at 78" down to a 62" when one leaf is removed, or down to 47" if both leaves are removed.  For seating, both an arm chair and a dining chair made from birch wood and white linen are available, and to round out this striking group is stunning 88" tall pine bookcase, with a plasma cabinet and sideboard to match.  



The Moulon collection features a chestnut finish on its side panels along with mirrored glass, while the tops are made from durable steel.  This collection also includes beautiful granite stone console tables, side tables and coffee tables which are sure to add a sense of style to any home.



The Giverny collection is one that is unlike any other. From its large, yet easily break down-able painted bookcases that make shipping hassle-free, to its stylish gold and velvet accent tables that turn any living room into a work of art, this collection surly won't disappoint the customer.