To ensure your solid wood furniture becomes tomorrow’s heirloom, all it takes is a few simple steps.

The fine materials and craftsmanship that go into each piece of HTD furniture mean that even with daily use, your home furnishings will age gracefully. 

Normal everyday use will not harm our furniture’s finish, but prolonged exposure to extreme conditions such as high temperature and moisture, or continual sunlight may cause some visible effects to appear. To help prevent or reverse these effects, we recommend using a non-wax furniture polish, such as Guardsman. Please tell your customers polishes containing ammonia, oil or silicone should never be used on their HTD furniture, as these chemicals will degrade the lacquer finish and cause permanent damage.

If damage does occur, we recommend contacting a furniture repair person who is trained to care for solid wood furniture.
Though highly unlikely, splits and defects can also be fully resolved with their assistance. 

To keep your HTD furniture always looking its best, make dusting with a damp cloth a regular part of your routine. Dirty surfaces
can cause scratches.